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Who is your ‘Go-To’ on your Wedding Day?

16 March 2018


 March 16, 2018
Category: Articles

Fact, you need a ‘go-to’ on your wedding day! Whether that be a professional party planner, a very organized aunt, or your best friend who would do anything for you…

A lot of brides/grooms figure that if they are organized enough, and on top of it, then they can make their wedding day smooth and without chaos. However, as awesome as you are, and however much attention and detail you are putting in to each element, your Big Day should not be spent doing any work. When it’s time for the ceremony to come together, you want to be sitting calm and collected, and not messing up your beautiful get-up. Your go-to can be the one making sure the décor is as discussed, the wedding procession knows their order, and the officiant is on time. When the hall is being decorated, your go-to can be the one making sure all of the little details you want are being handled. Also, your go-to is going to need a print out of all vendors arrival times and contact information. You want to be enjoying the morning of your wedding with your friends and family. You do not want to be going down the checklist of arrivals for your photographer, hair & make-up stylist, decorator, DJ, etc. Also, during your celebration if anything goes wrong do you want to be stopped mid-picture, mid-dance, mid-bite to answer ‘where do I put this present’ questions? No, all questions, concerns will be directed at the go-to. As you can see, this will be a big responsibility for that chosen person. So, make sure not only that they are close, that they understand the commitment of this, and will happily handle it! You may even want to throw them a bill or two, since you will be saving a bunch more than that on a professional, or just saving stress. So, Congratulations your work is done. I’m sure you’ve done enough planning and organizing thus far, now, just Celebrate!

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