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9 February 2018


 February 9, 2018
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The silhouettes, the style, the accents, The Dress!!!

There are so many options, yes, it is overwhelming, but let’s make it fun & unforgettable. Do you have a theme or vibe? Google those dress themes and screenshot away. Make sure to narrow it down later… Picture your dress with the decor, in the pictures, eating dinner, dancing…

Ask friends & relatives what they did, people you trust who have already gone through this process are the best interviewees.

Your environment and peace of mind are completely up to you going into this. If something doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to, if something is out of your price range, something else will be. Be patient, start looking Early & trust the process.

Own your silhouette. Chances are this is not the first dress you have ever worn. You probably have a style or fit that is more complimentary than others on you. Let’s start with that.

Make an appointment at a few different wedding dress salons and then start the research. Before your consultation or appointment have pictures or examples of dresses that really stand out to you. Only show dresses you love, don’t get hung up on dresses that are just a Maybe or ‘that will do’. If your not thinking about it later or picturing yourself walking around in it, it’s not the one. Easy mental note.

Have a budget & let the person helping you know right at the start. No need to fall in love with something that will cause you grief later. Yes, the easy designer high price dresses are very convenient to pick up in a store. However, there are plenty of other options… like, preownedweddingdresses.com, stillwhite.com, oncewed.com, & nearlynewlywed.com. Also, the high end stores have sales, clearance, deals, ask, ask, ask…

Invite people to your dress appointment who know you well & have just your best interest at heart. This part of the wedding process doesn’t call for a variety of opinions & personalities. Keep this day positive, light & just a day to celebrate You! I would personally suggest going to the first appointment by yourself or with one other person & get your choices down to only 2 ‘this is the one’ picks! Then, bring the gang for the champagne drinking & the big Reveal, or the fitting. Have your guests take lots of pictures, you WANT to see how the dress photographs from all angles.

Now that the dress is picked, next is the shoes. You want to have your exact shoes for the fitting so they will know exactly how long/short your dress needs to be. Take your time with your dress accents and accessories, there is plenty of time for that and once you get web searching you’ll just keep finding more and more fun options. Pops of color, change of texture, unique add-on’s, whatever you want, you Can find at a decent price to make your signature wedding dress completely your own & what we all want, unforgettable!



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