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How To Have The Sparkly Wedding Of Your Dreams

5 June 2017


 June 5, 2017
Category: Articles

Do you want your wedding day to be filled with glitz and glam? Below are some great ideas for a sparkly, glittery wedding!

1.Sparkly Dress/Veil/ Shoes

Find a wedding dress with BLING. There are several ways to add some sparkle and glitz to your wedding dress, whether it be the dress itself or cute little accessories added onto the dress of your dreams. You can even find a sparkly wedding veil! Whatever you decide on, make sure that you are bedazzled in some way. There are many different ways to pull this off, whether you decide on a sparkly dress, veil, or shoes, or all three!


2.Sequin Table Cloths

Not too pricey, but absolutely adorable. No matter what color palette you decide on for your special day, you can find a sequin table cloth to match. You can also find sequin table runners, which look darling as well. The sequins really add that extra sparkle you are looking for.


3.Glittery Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Definitely a DIY project, and they look so cute! All you need is some empty wine bottles, some paint, some glue, and some glitter. You can choose to paint the bottle or leave it is as is. Then all you need to do is apply the glue, and then the glitter.


4.Sparkly Lighting

Fairy lights look adorable with any wedding theme, just add some uplighting for that extra ambience.


5.Sequin Chair Sashes

Sequins again! Tie sequin sashes into bows on your chairs.


6.Glittery Lanterns

All you’ll need is some paper lanterns which are inexpensive and easy to find. Then add the glitter of your choice!


7.Glittery Charger Plates and Utensils

You can rent these for a reasonable price. They really add that extra sparkle to your table set up.


8.Sparkly Backdrop

Design a sparkly backdrop for your wedding photos.



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