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How To Achieve The Enchanted Wedding Of Your Dreams

10 May 2017


 May 10, 2017
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Weddings should be magical and full of beauty, since it is a special day. In order to achieve the enchanting wedding of your dreams,  borrow some tips from our list below.


1.Enchanted Branch Centerpieces

You can buy these from various craft sites, or you can make them yourself. You will need real/fake branches, which you can choose to paint or adorn with glitter, and then arrange them in a decorative vase. To add the enchanting touches, you can attach flowers to the branches along the branches and at the bottom. Finally, add some LED candles, or lights around the centerpiece.


2.String Lights

String lights look absolutely stunning at weddings, whether they be indoors or outdoors.  Whether you choose the classic LED string lights, or colored LED lights, is up to you. You can choose to string them across the venue, or hang them in strings. Either way they add a sparkly and enchanting touch!


3.Flowers And Greenery

An enchanting wedding simply cannot have too many flowers or greenery. While flowers can be quite pricey, you can always opt for artificial flowers, at least in the decor. Think flowers everywhere. Flowers hanging from the ceiling, attached to the chairs, in the centerpieces, edible flowers on the cake, etc.


4.Beautiful Glassware

This is a definite must. Adorn your tables with delicate, little glasses of different shapes and sizes.


5.Wood Decor

Adding some wooden decor can add a woodsy, enchanted touch to your theme. You can use wood stumps carved with your initials or as cake stands, or design wood signs or wood centerpieces.








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