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Feeling the Ocean Breeze at your Ceremony...

17 February 2018


 February 17, 2018
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Belmont Shore Chalet is the only venue in Long Beach that is directly located across the street from the beach. A once popular local dance studio, the Chalet is now the host of beach weddings, birthdays, graduations & many other business and special events.  The facility is charming and unique with a large 2,000 sq. foot banquet room. This includes a gorgeous chandelier, surrounding mirrors, and a beautiful, full dance floor to eat and dance the night away! The attached room is a sleek white decorative bar with a pin-point cushion, and is also floored for your dancing pleasure. Down the hall you have a lovely bridal room to enjoy, relax and recharge in. With a classic, simple décor of crème drapes, round tables and white cushion chairs you can really make this place your own! Design it with your own personal traditions or go with your wildest, fanciest imagination and bring your vision to life. With it’s small, cheerfully selected staff, they will be there to make sure you have an incredible evening.  Their service is hands on, extremely attentive and welcoming so feel free to make yourself at home. We call the Belmont Shore Chalet, Long Beach’s Hidden Gem because of its modest size but don’t let that deter you.  An extra perk of this venue is simply to step outside on the front patio and watch the spectacular sunset over Granada Beach. The colors changing on the reflection of the water & through the sky is a must-see from this point. So head on over to say hello, smell the ocean air and start picturing your own unforgettable event!

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