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8 Unique Ideas For A Country Rustic Wedding

15 May 2017


 May 15, 2017
Category: Articles

1.Cowboy Boot Vases

Cowboy boots are a must at a country rustic wedding. Fill a few pairs of boots with flowers, and you’re good to go.


2.Naked Cake

Naked cakes with fruit are absolutely delicious, and they really add a nice rustic touch.


3.Baby’s Breath & Sunflowers

Sunflowers and baby’s breath look adorable at any country wedding.


4.Burlap Invitations

Add your own special touches, and wrap with burlap!


5.Wheelbarrows & Wooden Crates

You can choose to decorate these with flowers, or fill them with ice and drinks. Whatever you choose to do with them, they will give your wedding vintage, rustic feel.


6. Vintage CarĀ Photo shoot

If you know someone with an old car or truck, ask them if you can use it for pictures. Many couples are choosing to do vintage car/truck engagement or wedding photos.



Wooden ladders add an old timey, rustic feel to the decor. Stack framed photos, or cowboy boots on the steps.


8.Personalized Signs Or Banners

These can be made of paper or fabric. As long as they are personalized and have a country touch to them.


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