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8 Adorable and Simple Beach Wedding Decor Ideas

6 June 2017


 June 6, 2017
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Whether you are having your ceremony, reception, or both on the beach, there are so many cute ideas out there. The beach provides a beautiful scenery, which allows for more simple decor. There are several cheap or DIY ideas for decorating a beach wedding. Below are 8 ideas that will spruce up any beach wedding, and will make you say wow!


1.Decorated Ladder

Something as simple as a ladder can go a long way, when going for that laid back, shabby chic look. Paint a wooden ladder, or leave as is.  You can decorate a ladder with flowers, or mason jars, or you can use the ladder as a drink stand. Guests will appreciate iced tea, water, lemonade while waiting for the ceremony to start.


2.Lanterns Along The Aisle

Instead of real candles, you can opt for LED candles, since they will not blow or out or present any sort of hazard. Adorn your aisle with a few lanterns on each side, and some flowers to add some charm. They are simple, and adorable.


3.Strings Of Seashells

You can purchase these, or make it into a DIY project. String these up along the aisle, or around your arch.


4.Wooden Anchors

You can have various sizes and adorn with flowers.


5.Message In A Bottle

Fill little bottles with sand and a cute little note with the couple’s names. You can use these to decorate or to hand out as wedding favors.


6.Letters Made Of Shells

Whether it be your initials or some beachy words, spell it out in seashells. There are plenty of cute ideas and designs available for a DIY project.


7.Tiki Torches

You can line them along the aisle, or just have two near your wedding arch.


8.Little Wooden Signs

You can make these yourself, and paint little cute sayings on them.





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