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6 Date Night-In Ideas for Fall

12 October 2018


 October 12, 2018
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The breeze is getting colder, the trees look more colorful, and smells of apple cider cinnamon and pumpkin spice are in the air. Yes, Fall has arrived. There’s nothing quite like a cozy night-in with your significant other, so why not make it a date?! Check out these intimate, simple, and inexpensive date night suggestions to turn up the heat this Fall.

#1: Classic Slumber Party

How about we rewind to middle school. All your favorite snacks are bought, the movie is rented, and all your friends are bundled up in fuzzy pajamas. Yes, this is the essence of a classic slumber party we all love.

This Fall, bring back the excitement of slumber parties with a twist! For this date night-in, there’s no need to be extravagant. Rather, keep things simple and enjoy the beauty in the little things! To set up the perfect slumber party space for two, pack your couch with as many comfy pillows and blankets as possible. Set the mood right from the get-go by scattering candles throughout your living space. A cozy, candlelit room appeals to our passionate senses, and is beyond irresistible. You know your partner better than anyone, so come up with a list of his/her favorite snacks and treats. Additionally, choose a few movie favorites. To turn up the heat at this charming night-in, consider choosing a more romantic film to help set the mood. Dinner can vary between a home-cooked meal, delicious carry-out food or binging on junk food! Chinese take-out has personally been a sleepover stable of mine for years. The point is, you don’t need to break the bank to pull off a successful evening with your loved one! Overall, this sentimental approach to a classic night-in will please your heart, mind, and wallet.

#2: High-Stakes Game Night

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as a good old-fashioned game night. This time, however, the stakes have changed. With your significant other, gather your favorite 2 player games. Just a few classic examples could include Twister, charades, tic-tac-toe or checkers. Be sure to provide snacks and drinks, I suggest sharing a bottle of wine, you’ll definitely work up an appetite during these challenges!

Now, let’s get to the fun part! Place friendly bets with your partner periodically throughout the night, raising the stakes as time progresses. Because these date suggestions are adult-friendly, you can incorporate drinking challenges to make things a little more interesting. So you better start practicing so you can dominate your opponent.

#3: Crafty Creations!

Crafting with your significant other can be a great way to learn more about each other’s talents, especially if you’re not too focused on perfection. Painting is an easy and fun option and you can make it more interesting by purchasing body or edible flavored paint. If that’s too adventurous just go with old school finger painting. Regardless of skill level, painting with your partner is a creative and romantic activity perfect for your date night-in. To make this idea a bit more intimate, purchase one large canvas to paint as a couple. A little soothing or sexy background music will add some spark to your crafty night in!

#4: Wine and Beer Tasting

Attending a lavish and often pricey wine tasting event isn’t necessary when you can host one of your own! For this date night-in idea, bring culture and class to the comfort of your own home. Purchase an array of wine, beer, cheese, and crackers for you and your loved one to sample together. Just like a real wine tasting event, you should display these items on a fancy platter and use nice glassware to create an elegant atmosphere. Indulge in each other’s company and the delicious flavors and enjoy choosing which pairs the best! This date idea will leave you feeling bubbly and satisfied while not breaking the bank.

#5: Picnic Under the Stars

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy a comfy cozy night outdoors. The air may be a little chilly, but that’s a perfect excuse to cuddle up next to that special someone! A warm blanket big enough to share and a wicker basket full of goodies will be all that you need. Some ideas to turn up the volume during your picnic under the stars could include building a bon fire or identifying constellations. Prepare for this date by cooking a thoughtful meal ahead of time. The setting can be your backyard, front-yard, or wherever you think has the best view of the sky. Star gazing screams romance, consider bringing along a pair of binoculars to enhance the sights even further. Searching for constellations and admiring the beauty within our environment will surely bring you and your partner closer together, both mentally and physically. This date will undoubtedly raise the bar for future nights-in, well outside, but you get the idea.

#6: Faux “Drive-In” Movie Night

Whether you’ve seen it in classic films like “Grease”, or have experienced it for yourself, drive-in movies are the embodiment of good old-fashioned date night. That being said, drive-in theaters are not easy to come by these days. Using your home as the setting, transform your backyard into a movie theatre all your neighbors will be jealous of! Going all out on this date-night idea may be a little pricier than other options, but totally worth it! Purchase or borrow a movie projector and hang up a large white sheet to use as a movie screen. Layout a blanket, pile up some pillows, gather your favorite treats, and maybe a bottle (or two) of wine. When your significant other enters the room, they’ll be shocked by this romantic transformation for your night-in. Then hit play and unwind under the stars to a film both you both love and enjoy.

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