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5 Ways To Find A Summer Romance

11 July 2018


 July 11, 2018
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5 Ways To Find A Summer Romance

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’, happened so fast.” Just like in the movie Grease, a summer romance may be in your cards… if you play your hand right.

With the magic of summer in the air, a mid-day picnic or even a night under the stars could be in your near future. For the next few months, there will be endless possibilities for love and memorable relationships, so long as you are willing to peek up from under your sunglasses.

Are you curious about where to hang out, how to act, or even what to say around a potential fling-mate? Follow these 5 quick and easy tips in order to make the most out of whats left of summer!

1. Put Down The Technology
Turn off your cellphone- now! Lift up your head, pull back your shoulders, and look around:  welcome back to the real world, where no one wants to talk to someone who has their nose buried in their screen. The moment you put away the technology you can actually begin to engage with the people and potential for fun all around you. You just became more approachable and might just get asked out by that cutie you didn’t even realize was checking you out all summer.

2. Get Out & About
Summer is all about long days, even longer nights, and beautiful sunsets in between. In order to experience the beauty of the warm weather, you need to spend time outdoors, partake in adventurous excursions, and refrain from secluding yourself in your room. Throw on your bikini, slap on some sunscreen, and head down to the beach for a relaxing afternoon under the sun! We suggest checking out Moonlight Movies on the Beach. Right here in Long Beach on Tuesdays and select Thursdays movies are FREE and there is plenty of FREE beach lot parking. They offer a snack shop, food trucks, kettle corn and VIP Seating.


3. Try Something New
Sign up for a pottery class. Eat at that restaurant you’ve wanted to try for weeks. Take a spontaneous road trip with your friends. Whatever you decide to try, be sure to step out of your comfort zone, and keep an open mind throughout the entire experience. If you are still blank on ideas try  Belmont Shore’s Stroll N’ Savor. It is one of the most popular local events, with over 40 restaurants offering the best of their menus. Enjoy an evening strolling 2nd Street, savoring food from around the globe, and listening to talented local musicians as you stroll with your family, friends, and even your dogs! Not only is this a fun filled night out but it will give you ideas for new restaurants to try in the future.


4. Aim To Have Fun
Whether you’re pouring yourself a cocktail or snacking on some watermelon, keep your eyes bright and your smile big, because it’s summer, and it’s time to laugh, let loose, and enjoy the warm weather. A positive mental attitude goes a long way. When you finally relax and start to enjoy yourself the people around you will notice and they will too. Fun and happiness is contagious, so start spreading it around!

5. Be Outgoing
Don’t be shy this summer, but rather take an assertive approach. By opening up and letting your hair down, you will allow people outside your friend group to get to know the real you. Say YES, don’t make excuses or stick to your normal routine and do something outside your comfort zone. Alamitos Bay is a beautiful and user friendly marina in Southern California. The water is almost always flat and calm and the beaches are well supervised and there is very little boat traffic. It is a premier stop for kayak and stand-up paddle board sales and rentals, kayak tours and bike rentals.


Now take my advice from Tip# 1 and go out and enjoy the rest of your summer, I have a feeling that romance is just around the corner.

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