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Incorporate Thanksgiving Into Your Wedding

20 November 2018


 November 20, 2018
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Incorporate Thanksgiving Into Your Wedding

There are striking similarities between your wedding day and Thanksgiving. You spend both with your family, you take every opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and you definitely eat and drink both nights away. Nevertheless, there’s some holiday themed décor that’s better suited for the Thanksgiving table than your wedding reception like those cartoonish turkey crafts we all made as children. That being said, you can absolutely incorporate Thanksgiving into your autumn wedding, whether your date falls on the actual day or sometime near the holiday.

Instead of over-the-top Thanksgiving décor, take elements that remind you of Turkey Day and elevate them to make them feel wedding-appropriate. For example, you can play up a harvest theme, use Thanksgiving-inspired ingredients in a fresh way for your menu, and express thanks to your nearest in dearest in a number of ways throughout the celebration.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite non-cheesy ideas for a Thanksgiving wedding. In the mix is inspiration for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and more. Are you obsessed with apple cider and cranberry sauce? Serve re-imagined versions of both. Do you love the intimacy of Thanksgiving festivities? Give your family members, from your relatives to your pup, special roles for the event. Is the homey feeling of Thanksgiving dinner what you’re after? Decorate your wedding with household items like rugs and comfy furniture. Whatever the case, we guarantee that there’s something on this list for you. Read on before you start planning a wedding influenced by your favorite holiday.

Autumnal Centerpieces: Search the web for Thanksgiving centerpieces, then modify the design to better suit your wedding. You can use candles, fresh produce, foliage garlands, or other autumnal materials.

Notes of Gratitude: Sure, you’re already planning to send thank-you notes, but it doesn’t hurt to say thanks more than once. Stick notes of gratitude on other paper goods, like place cards. This stationery was created by Anna Kate Designs.

Pomander Balls: Not only are these easy to make, you probably crafted them in grade school, but they smell delicious.

Familiar Venue: If your, or another family member’s, home is big enough to fit your guest list, and the host is comfortable with the idea, why not throw your wedding there?

Furry Guests: For many, Thanksgiving wouldn’t feel right without the family dog waiting under the table for scraps. If you can’t imagine the holiday without your best friend, make your wedding pet-friendly.

Cranberry Desserts: Give your wedding treats fall flavor, cranberry scones or pumpkin pie could be yummy additions to the dessert table.

Informal Entertainment: Skip formal entertainment and have musical relatives perform, just like they do after every Thanksgiving dinner.

Potluck Buffet: Don’t miss out on your typical potluck just because you’re getting married. Either have relatives bring dishes, or ask your caterer to plan a setup that mimics one. This also works wonderfully for your rehearsal dinner.

Fruit Escort Cards: These pears made beautiful seating cards. We love the idea of writing names on leaves.|

Ceremony Rugs: Ceremony rugs are gaining traction, thanks to the intimate vibe they create. Make your venue feel cozy and home-like, even if you’re tying the knot far from your actual hometown.

Banquet Tables: Family-style dinner at a long farmhouse table is the perfect way to invoke the holiday.

Seasonal Punch: Make punch with Champagne and thin slices of Granny Smith apples, plus apple cider and bitters. You can put together the latter three ingredients beforehand and have your caterer add the Champagne right before serving. Use a mandolin to get thin slices of apple.

Mismatched Tableware: Keep your wedding warm and welcoming by using mismatched plates and serveware. Get the look by incorporating some personal or family pieces, renting several types of plates and platters, or working with a vendor that specializes in coordinating but not matching rentals.

Pumpkins: Pumpkins and gourds can be used for a variety of things. Hollow them out to house your flowers, or let them stand on their own.

Mulled Cider: Mulled cider is delicious hot or cold. Use a skewer of sugared cranberries as a flavorful stirrer.

White Cranberry Geleé: This individual dessert is colorful and chic, and the perfect way to cap off a big meal. Plus, it’s a wink to the cranberry sauce your grandmother makes for Thanksgiving without being overtly holiday.

Feather Boutonnières
: Your groomsmen will look great with a boutonnière that never wilts. This fall detail says Thanksgiving in a subtle way.

Foliage Bouquet: Use fall foliage in your bouquet. Garden roses, bunny tails, and pink-edged variegated dogwood were wrapped with vintage jacquard ribbon for this wedding.


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