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15 Fun & Unique Wedding Activities

14 June 2017


 June 14, 2017
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Weddings should be fun! Aside from dinner, drinks, and dancing, there are several different ways to have fun at your wedding. Below is a list of 15 fun wedding activities to entertain you and your guests.


1.Photo Booth 

You can rent a photo booth for the day, or design your own. You can have a cute backdrop, with little mustaches on sticks, or other funny little props. So much fun, and you can look back at laugh!


2.Lawn Games

Such a cute idea! Set up ring toss, horseshoes, crochet, bowling, etc.



Everyone loves a pinata! Fill with candy, garters, and other cute little favors.


4.Food Stations

Cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, candy apple station, cookie bar, or even a s’mores station where guests can roast marshmallows over a bonfire, or mini stove.


5.Confetti Cones

This can be a fun DIY project. You can hand out the confetti cones to guests to throw.


6.Disposable Cameras

Leave disposable cameras on each table. Guests can take some funny candid pictures, that the photographer may miss out on.


7.Sky Lanterns

These beautiful little lanterns are eco friendly, and look absolutely gorgeous flying off into the night sky.


8.Guest Book

Let guest leave silly and sweet messages in a guest book. You can get creative and use other objects that fit your theme, such as a guitar for a country rustic wedding.


9.Scavenger Hunt

Make a cute little list of different moments and items to find and you can even combine this with the disposable camera idea.



Everyone can get a caricature drawn of themselves. Fun, and definitely memorable.


11.Wedding Favors

Hand out fun wedding favors. Offer guests bubbles, candy, coffee cups, succulents, etc.


12.Dance Number

Whether it be a father daughter dance, or a couples dance, everyone loves a cute wedding dance routine.


13.Wedding Wheel

Adorn with choices such as “Take a selfie”, etc.


14. Karaoke

This can be fun for all ages, and will definitely help create some funny memories.


15.Dancing Games

Freeze dance, etc.










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