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10 Ways To Have The Ultimate California Wedding

19 June 2017


 June 19, 2017
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California is home to so many different cultures, and landscapes. Below are ten ways to make the most of your California wedding.

1.Volkswagen Bug or Bus

Having a volkswagen as decoration, for display, and for photo ops, really gives that California feel. It incorporates the beachy side of California, as well as the camping, desert, and mountain, outdoorsy elements.



Whether you hand out succulents as wedding favors, or incorporate them into your centerpieces and decor, they are sure to give that California desert charm.



Greenery is important, and looks especially niceĀ if you are having an outdoor wedding. California is known for its vineyards, and forests, so lots of greenery will help complete the theme.


4.Gold Elements and Accents

California is the Golden State, so of course adding gold is completely appropriate!


5.Bohemian Flair

Whether it be bohemian dresses, hairstyles, venue, flowers, or decor, it will definitely give your wedding that laid back California vibe.


6.Fun Wedding Favors

Sunglasses, sandals, etc.


7.Hanging Flowers

Flowers on strings, or in pots look lovely at any wedding, but especially a California outdoor wedding.


8.Pretty Pink

Adding pink in your wedding will bring out that bohemian, summer California feel.


9.Beachy Decor

Whether it be some tropical flowers, or even a wedding on the beach, it will be lovely at a California wedding.


10.Forest Elements

An outdoor ceremony, with lanterns looks lovely!








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